Frequently Asked Questions

classified ads FAQ

You can post an ad on Mooning Market by clicking the POST FREE AD button, at the top of the page.

You will need to take some photographs of your item for your ad. Once you have selected which Category and Subcategory your item falls under, choose a title and description. You should be as descriptive as possible with your title and description. You will also need to specify a price for your item in USD.

You must enter the address from which you will ship your item. Your street address will NOT appear on the ad. Before clicking Submit, choose whether to upgrade your ad to a Premium Ad.
Listing a non-premium ad is free on Mooning Market. However, premium listings cost between 0.001 and 0.003 BTC

When an item sells, Mooning Market will take 8% of the price, plus 30 cents worth of bitcoin.
If you opt in for our product emails, you will be notified of new ads, posted by profiles you follow. You may also receive suggestions of profiles you may wish to follow. If you opt out of our product emails, you will still receive emails pertaining to your ad sales and purchases.

We will never sell your email information.
Your ad will remain on the site until it sells, is delisted by you, or if you are inactive from the site for over 14 days.

You can easily choose to repost an ad, without having to create it again.
Your ads are automatically archived when someone buys the item.