1 Piece Mini FD07(no battery)/GF07(with battery) Magnetic GPS Tracker Anti-lost GPS Locator Real Tim public

07-11-2019 - electronics - San Jose CA

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You can be alerted by an audible beep either through smartphone or Bluetooth Smart Tag, whenever both devices are separated at a pre-programmed distance. You can control 10 Bluetooth Smart Tags through the App, and keep track of 10 Bluetooth Smart Tags online at one time. You can trace last location of your valuable through the Finder App Map when the Bluetooth Smart Tag disconnects from its pairing with the controlling smartphone. Other Finder App users can help finding your stuff! Every smartphone installed with the Finder App becomes a possible search node to track your valuables with the Bluetooth Smart Tag on it.
material: plastic
Size: 3.5 * 3.5 * 0.7cm
Package Includes:
1x Bluetooth Tracker
GF07: You can hear voice around this tracker by dialing SIM card number, with no light and noise.Easy to use, no need for professional installation, just simply plug SIM and TF card into the device, then you can track in real time over the Internet.Built-in two powerful magnets, easy to attach firmly, prevent device from falling.Perfect for tracking vehicles, kids, elderly persons keys or other valuables assets.
Small and lightweight, easy to carry.
Material: Plastic
Resolution: 640
Charging Output: 5.0V
Working Voltage: 3.4-4.2V DC
GPS Positioning Accuracy: 50-500 m
Size(LxWxH): Approx. 2.5x3.5x1.5 cm/1x1.4x0.6 inch
Package Includes:
1 Piece GPS Tracking Locator
1 Piece USB Cable
The two Products are perfect for tracking vehicles, kids, elderly persons keys or other valuables assets.
Please note SIM card and TF memory card are not included.