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01-04-2021 - miscellaneous - Fitzroy North VIC

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The Seasoned Poker is one of our biggest packs and has enough materials to do at least 5 tattoos!

It includes 5 shots of Millennium Mom's Tattoo Ink Shots. Choose your colour. If you'd like a combination of colours leave us a message at checkout ;)

Plus it comes with a total of 21 various liner and shader needles so you'll be stocked up with plenty of options at hand. It even includes a practise skin!

5 x Sterile Ink Shots

5 x 3RL liners
5 x 5RL liners
5 x 9RL liners
2 x 7M1 flat shaders
2 x 11 M big flat shaders
2 x 9RS round shader

5 x Medium ink cups
5 x Small ink cups
1 x Ring ink cup
2 x Spirit stencil transfer paper (A4)
2 x S8 stencil transfer gel
2 x S8 Red soap

10 x Skin Prep Pads (6 with chlorhexidine)
10 x Lint-free gauze
4 x Large gloves (medium are available on request)
2 x Surgical underpads
2 x Vitamin A & D ointment
3 x Tattoo Goo aftercare pillow packs (original or healix gold)
2 x Handpoke tools (chopsticks and parafilm)
1 x Sharps receptacle

1 x Practise skin (double-sided A5)

Mom's Millennium Inks are premium quality tattoo inks, made in the USA and vegan friendly.

You can choose which needles you'd like, just tell us what you want at checkout. For this kit you can choose 21 needles. We stock 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 7M, 11M and 9RS.

Please don't attempt using this kit unless you are experienced. Check out our practise kits first if you’re not sure.

By purchasing this kit you agree to our terms and conditions. You acknowledge that you are 18 years or older and understand the risks involved in tattooing. Although we take all care in providing high quality, sterile equipment, we are not responsible for any adverse events that may occur. Consult your doctor beforehand, especially if you are taking any medications or are pregnant.